1. Lets get rude

From the recording Lets get Rude

Powered Metal with an classic acoustic part and recorded with a vintage sound


Too many days just fighting
Saying, lets get rude
Denying what is obvious
Screaming, lets get rude
Lets get rude
Lets get rude
Blaming all your symbols
Saying, lets get rude
Destroying me and my mind
Saying, lets get rude.

You ll be paralyzed
And horrified
If I would show you what brights
Your thoughts would gone
You would feels alone
What happens if you don’t fight
Just for one day
You take a break
How bad the life could rust you
If you stop
You would be gone
All what you built would fall down

Walking I am
Watching the busy world
Where the life never stops going fast
I see you there
Waiting the perfect time
To come to my life and kill the man

But you don’t know
How strong I am
And how rude can I fight
I will be the biggest and the harder battle
That you have ever had
I wont give up to your whims
I wont give up to to your force
Just lets get rude for a while
Enough to decide my fate
Just lets get rude by the time
I am strong to fight.